The Twins of Edzell

Tania Allan

About the film

A BSL interpretation of a Scottish folklore tale. Inspired by ‘Angus Folk Tales’ by Erin Farley. The Twins of Edzell is the story of a dedicated mother of deaf twin brothers and the hearing world that is unable to accept them.

Filmed on location at Balvaird Castle, Perthshire. Thanks to Historic Environment Scotland.

As a deaf folklorist and storyteller, I am deeply passionate about Scottish and traditional folklore, stories, and poetry. My goal is to make these art forms accessible to the deaf community and showcase the power of creativity. I appreciate the rich traditions and narratives found in both deaf and hearing cultures, and I am dedicated to preserving and sharing them with everyone. Through my work, I aim to reignite interest in BSL folklore, highlighting its depth and creativity. By adapting BSL folklore into accessible formats and using visual storytelling techniques, I seek to foster a sense of belonging and cultural pride among deaf individuals. My ultimate aim is to contribute to a world where deaf individuals are celebrated for their unique heritage and artistic expressions, fostering understanding and unity across communities.

Balvaird Castle, Perthshire